Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trump's Racism Will Destroy Environment!

I was to do a video blog that explains "Finding Cold In the Rain" but I decide that more pressing matters needed to be discussed. I am an environmentalist and feel that we, as a species, should live sustainably. There is no secret that this so called president hates Obama and would do anything to dismantle his legacy, thus the title of the video blog. I felt that it was important to say something.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Finding Cold In The Rain

The story behind the song "Finding Cold In The Rain"

Music is therapy to me. Sometimes I feel that it is the only thing that I can count on. My lyrics are a way of making life and all that comes with it make sense. There is no secret that I have felt depression and loss at times. I am getting better in time. I am figuring out ways of coping with what I perceive. This song was written after taking the brunt end of the stick from someone that I cared about deeply. There are several parts to the song and the prospect of looking at it as a life affirming dialog makes sense. I feel that it works on many levels.

The musical expression was my first attempt at writing something truly me, I went all in and was vulnerable in the process. I recently sent a song to a friend of mine who is a very successful person in the entertainment business in California. The moment I got a response assured me that I was on the right path, as far as the instrumental expression. I did not do it for validation but to support him. He was just cool enough to let me know that he dug it! I did tweak the writing for this project to be a little bit more out of the box. I think all in all, for what it is work, it came out different and that was what I like. What is the point in sounding like everyone else? I only get one life to go at it. Why waste my time doing what everyone else is doing.

The radio played it! Thanks, to Miss Manners of Hip Hop Hooray. The song underwent a creative process and the original was not up to par. I had to start to reestablish a strong foundation to make it come out right. The lyrics did not change from the original version of the song but I did later add a second verse and of also Ardamus did guest appear on the song.

The lyrical break down (Verse One):

Wise Words pass on a whim

Problems of the world fill to a brim

As we branch out we hang by the stem

I'm withering fruit that knows life will not

come around again.

Artistically I will die as a poet

Unknowing what is said when it's all said and done.

Rhyme patterns run off the sheet

Like the breath of the faint paint in reckless oobliettes.

Fertile and agile their grace now seen as slithers.

Inebriating drinks and snakes in the grass

Living without logic and never learning from their elders.

Scantily clad in the sun

as they swelter.

Humble only in age but rotten to the core and a miserable bore

spending all their time as an opium den door closes.

My possibility of getting high slowly fading away

with no queen by my side.

Love is less abstract than capital and consumerism

Yet more distant

And the cause for mans

depression, loss, and pessimism

When the mountain top is graced

it's met with disdain

cuz on the path up

All the surrounding queens before

Left him cold in the rain.

The lyrical break down (Verse Three):

The habitual ritual

I'm going to bring the excuses to a minimal

A precious stone from the mineral

One life to live pivotal

Ignoring the subliminal

No one steals the destiny

Criminal to make an attempt

Minuscule I'm mentally

Temp tally me the greatest

Crowds will rave just

Maintain the focus

Position lotus

And The bogus know this

Plus hopeless

No smokeless

The closest know the mirror is


Oh dear you're in trouble

To bubble the waters

Now cloudy and shrouded

The present crocs clamping

Teeth stamping blood fills the fluids

Rhyme verses I draw like a Druid

So fluent congruent I prove it

I move with a new kind of smoothness

When the pen hits the pad

It's intense!

So verse one was just to get the stress off of the chest and verse two is the more triumph driven and optimism based expression. All in all I dig both.

The chorus:

I only get on life to live So I'm going to seize the day I've got a lot to give!

Pretty self explanatory, I think?

"Finding Cold In The Rain" by Ratarue Copyright 2017

Finding Cold In The Rain featuring Ardamus by Ratarue. Music written and produced by Ratarue. Recorded at The Brain Machine by Randy Avenell. Lyrics written by those who spoke them.

Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

Trump's Racism Will Destroy Environment!

I was to do a video blog that explains "Finding Cold In the Rain" but I decide that more pressing matters needed to be discussed. ...